The slope is ready!

( 24. 12. 2007 )
50 snow guns, cold weather and nature extremely helped the Golden Fox Trophy organizers this year.

Under the Pohorje mountain and on it there is all going according to the plans. The nature behaves as the organizers could only wish… Certainly they help her additionally, too. This whole week there were 50 snow guns operating from Habakuk slope down to the finish arena of the snow stadium and also under the chair lift Poštela.

Andrej Hazabent, the president of the organizing committee: ''We want the Golden Fox Trophy to take place at home again. The forecasts are very promising, all is going well and we are entering the New Year optimistically!''

Gorazd Bedrač, the chief of the race: ''The slope is ready! After the New Year's Eve we will make ''an injection board'' in the whole width of the slope and crosswards in the length of 30 cm, where the water will be injected into the snow and by that a higher density of the snow will be reached. That will make the slope better prepared for the snow inspection, that will take place on January 6.''

And certainly, the snow inspector, Filip Gartner, has been on the slope every day already.

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