The Golden Fox Trophy and Slovenian Presidency of the EU

( 07. 11. 2007 )

"For sure the realization of the race in Kranjska Gora is something different than in Maribor. This is the main reason, why we would like to do our best to host the 44th competition on Pohorje. Nevertheless, even the preparations for the 43rd Golden Fox Trophy on Pohorje were no waste of time – they will be a good basis for the organization of the coming competition,'' Srečko Vilar, Secretary General of the OC of the Golden Fox, introduced the first meeting of the organizing committee for the 44th Golden Fox Trophy.

How to organize another competition to be even better than the former ones that were so often praised for the organization in the last decades is one of the main concerns of the majority of members in the organizing committee. It is said that this race is one of the best in the Ski World Cup for women. In the past years there were some problems with accommodating the teams outside the town due to Maribor's lack of hotels of good quality, which was also one of the remarks made by the FIS organization. Manja Koklič Cigit, chief of the accommodation committee: "Maribor got a new hotel and more accommodation of a good quality, so it probably won’t be necessary to look for accommodation outside the town."

Emphasis of the 44th Golden Fox will also be the accompanying events among which there will be some new ones. The opening ceremony of the competition will be moved from Glavni trg (The Main Square) to the traditional location at Trg svobode.

A special character of the Golden Fox Trophy will this year be obtained by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU and this event will be one of the first big international ones after taking over the six month Presidency of the EU.

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