Statements after Giant slalom

( 01. 02. 2019 )
Petra Vlhova, Mikaela Shiffrin, Ragnhild Mowinckel


I was aware of mistakes in the first run, so I had to be more aggressive in the second run. I risked more and made some mistakes, but I won. This is second GS victory in my career, which makes this season even more important to me. We planned this season very systematically, training regime and preparation were very strict and they are getting stricter with every successful placing. I am staying positive and I'm sure I have a lot more to show. I would like to thank my fans for supporting me and giving me extra boost. The moment I crossed the finish line they applauded so loud it felt like home.



Moments when two athletes share the victory are something special. Of course, we are competitors and we all want the victory for ourselves, but every now and then it can be nice to share the victorious feeling with someone. There are moments when more racers deserve to win, to take the place on podium and I'm happy this is possible in skiing. My second run was very focused, so I expected a good result. Right before the finish line, I made a minor mistake, which almost cost me the victory. When I crossed the line and saw the zeroes, I realized Petra and I had the same time. I like Maribor a lot and I feel very cozy here. At the same time, I like the slopes so I'm happy I arrived one day earlier to get to know the slopes better.I even made a hairdresser appointment. Ilka gave me some great recommendations, so I had a mini-vacation.



I'm very pleased with my second run because I could fix minor details from the first one. Even though weather was bad, the racecourse was in great condition so I could take the turns and save those precious miliseconds. World Championships is around the corner so this result today is a great. I hope I will be able to keep this mentality for the championships. I felt again I can push myself further. 

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