Snow control: decision in 24h 

( 06. 02. 2020 )
Markus Mayr, FIS snow controller checked the 56. Golden Fox racecourse and will make a final decision tomorrow.

Final decision about the 56. Golden Fox is postponed to tomorrow. Snow controller Markus Mayr checked the racecourse this morning, had a meeting with the OC followed with weather forecast check and a talk with Peter Gerdol, World Cup Chief of Race  for Women. 

Markus Mayr did not communicate his decision at today’s press conference as he postponed the announcement for 24h. “For now, we are staying in Maribor,” said Markus Mayr and added ”Situation is complicated so we need more time”.

Srečko Vilar, OC General Secretary: “Postponing the decision is urgent as we need to consider the weather forecast with predicted wave of warm weather coming next week. We need more information, especially regarding the weather to be able to make a right decision”.

Mitja Drgašič, Chief of Race: “The amount of snow itself is not a problem as we managed to provide additional amounts of snow today. Weather is the problem. Hopefully tomorrow’s decision will be positive”.

Markus Mayr: “It is not just one factor, let’s say it is the entire package.  Weather forecast predicts warm south-east winds and meteorologist will be able to provide more detailed information tomorrow. Until then we need to plan how to deal with such weather conditions. If we will make the right decisions, then there is hope. We are still in Maribor. By tomorrow we will consider all possibilities and plan how to organize the race here. Of course, the easiest thing to do in given conditions would be to say there will be no race. However, after so many years we know everything is possible and we need to do everything possible to have the race here. At the same time, we are talking about the world cup race, where everything needs to be on a top level. My job is to check if the conditions will allow that. If it is not good enough, then I simply need to say no.”

Srečko Vilar: “We are waiting for the decision. Until then we are doing everything to keep the race in Maribor, so we did not contact Kranjska Gora yet. For now, we are not considering a reserve scenario.”

Markus Mayr: “Unfortunately I need to say that after what I saw today and after considering multiple aspects like safety, weather situation and possibilities of trainings before race, it is not possible to have the race. Snow is not prepared well enough to last until next week and to enable top level race. For these reasons we want to gather more information as the situation might appear more optimistic.”

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