Skiing in sunshine

( 31. 01. 2020 )
Organizers say they could host the race today, yet they are ready for any anything

Chief of 56. Golden Fox race Mitja Dragšič may not be looking into the sky as the sun shines so strong, but he is focused on slopes preparations for the upcoming youth ski race: »The snow on the slopes is compact and surface is hard enough to host the race as we speak. I am satisfied with the snow conditions, but not completely calm as we are expecting some warm temperatures and we will make decisions as we go. So far so good. Weather forecast is not bad and at this point we need to use also day time for snowmaking. However we are counting on not having too warm temperatures during the day and will use time over nights to continue with snowmaking.«
Snow control is on 6.February. Slopes are covered with a sufficient snow layer, but there can never we too much snow anyway. At this time skiing conditions on Pohorje slopes are great.

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