Shiffrin aims for victory

( 02. 02. 2019 )
Meta Hrovat with best Slovenian result - Racecourse staff on slopes at 3.30am - High temperatures did not endanger slalom race

Mikaela Shiffrin had to miss out award ceremony last night due to health related issues but she showed her strength this morning as she left behind her rival Petra Vlhova for one second. 

Organizers had staff on slalom slope from 3.30am. Night was warm with +10C and use of salt was needed to preserve the race course. After racers checked the race course it was clear the snow layer is hard enough and it will endure the race. Weather was warm with no rain and some sun peeking through the clouds.

Among  6.000 fans cheering for best skiers in the world, the Prime Minister of 
Slovakia Peter Pellegrini and Miro Cerar, Slovenian Minister of foreign affairs were also present at the race.

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