Organizers about moving Golden Fox to Kranjska Gora

( 09. 02. 2020 )
From one venue to another within a week

Srečko Vilar: “This is one of worse day days in my life. It feels like a lump in one’s throat, even though we did everything possible to keep the race in Maribor. Unfortunately, weather forecast is really bad. Regardless, we need to point out Marprom did their best in given weather circumstances. They managed to provide recreational skiing, they covered entire Čop slope with snow. Marprom proved investments in modern snowmaking system were a right decision, so we need to keep going.

Nature is currently stronger but  it is more important to keep the race in Slovenia. Now the real battle begins as we need to prove again we can move the race to another venue within a week.

This will not be easy. Kranjska Gora is full, which means we need to provide accommodation in Bled. I am sure we will make it and I would like to invite everyone who planned to come to Maribor, to Kranjska Gora. Of course, all tickets for venue in Maribor are valid in Kranjska Gora.”


Mitja Dragšič, Chief of race: “It was a  hard decision. I believed to the very last moment we will have the race in Maribor. Especially since we gained so much, not just as organizers but as Maribor itself, with the snowmaking system. Without this system, there would be no snow. Unfortunately, it did not work out. We did everything we could, even prayed. FIS requests 100%, so we had no options, but to change the location. We had a successful cooperation with Krasnjska Gora team in 2018, so I am sure we will organize another great Golden Fox event together. Next year, we are back in Maribor.”

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