One more night

( 16. 01. 2019 )
Excellent skiing conditions on Snežni stadion – Organizers are anticipating cold weather

Skiing conditions on venue hosting the Golden Fox in a couple of weeks are amazing! However, organizers are not completely calm expecting snow controller Markus Maier on 23. January.


Mitja Dragšič, Chief of race: » We still need snow in some areas. In upper part of racecourse, we have provided 95 % of snow. In lower part, we still need to cover an area for slalom start. One cold night should be enough as we added more snow cannons. Weather forecast is looking quite well and temperatures are expected to drop even more over this weekend. We have enough time until snow control to prepare a thicker and wider snow layer. The most anticipated is the weather forecast after snow control.«


At this moment, skiing to the valley is open for recreational skiers and chances of welcoming men's and women's Slovenian national team on Snežni stadion are still open. Organizers are staying on watch for upcoming weather forecast.

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