New snow cannons

( 14. 12. 2018 )
Organizers expecting 55. Golden Fox with ease

Almost 2 months before 55. Golden Fox organizers keep looking up the slopes as new snow cannons are being mounting during this time. New snow cannons are positioned along entire length of slopes all the way to the finish area.

Besides new snow cannons, Golden Fox is expecting more exciting additions in 2019 season.  Marprom, Pohorje ski resort management,  installed new water supply system for the snow cannons at Snežni station and a new cooling system at lower dam, meaning the finish area is well provided with thick snow layer.  Ski season is already open on Areh slopes. New installations of snow cannons and water supply system created a positive milestone in ensuring sufficient snow layers on all slopes and brought some ease for anticipated Golden Fox race. For now, we are waiting for the temperature to drop below zero.

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