New on Pohorje

( 07. 11. 2007 )

Drago Rataj, director of the SC Pohorje and chief of the technical committee of the Golden Fox: ''A successful organization of the Golden Fox is important also for the development of the skiing resort Pohorje. Last winter wasn't bad only for us, but for all major European skiing centres. Due to that fact we improved our snowmaking system on the entire Pohorje in Maribor region, because we do not want another migration of the Golden Fox to Kranjska Gora but to enable more and more skiers on Pohorje to enjoy in a long skiing season. This certainly won't be possible without increasing of the number of ski lifts and expansion of the existing ski slopes. We are very satisfied because we were granted a building permit for the new six pack (a six person chairlift) towards Ruše. This is the conclusion of the long term discussion that ended in favour of the Pohorje tourist development. It is our turn now to realize our daring plans. Actually, it now all depends on finance and time. The new chairlift will be finished until the winter season 2008/09 and until then also a new hotel Arena will be built. On the other hand, we are not only actively engaged on Pohorje, so we took care of better skiing also at Kope, in Kranjska Gora – there we are building a new quad (a four person chairlift) - and in Ribnica na Pohorju, where there is a new ski lift.

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