More snow, less cold

( 09. 12. 2021 )

This December brings a winter fairy tale on Pohorje everyone has been longing for. Even after overnight snowfall, Golden Fox organizers are keeping their eyes on the sky. They expected 48 hours of cold weather and got at least 20 cm of snow. However, the new snow will only soak the slopes and the Golden Fox will need snow cannons to get ready for the race.

Srečko Vilar, General Secretary of the Organizing Committee: ” We trust Marprom to produce the snow, so meanwhile we are focused on other tasks. We are optimistic, marketing activities are running as planned. Snow control is scheduled for 30. December, which means there has to be enough snow on the slopes by then, and final preparations can begin after New Year's. 

 Bernard Majhenič, Marprom CEO: ”We significantly improved the snowmaking system since last year. We placed 40 snow cannons along the racecourse and purchased new pumps, which are five times more efficient than the old ones. All snow cannons are automated, they start when the temperature is low enough, at least -3C. We will take advantage of every second of cold weather for snow production.«

Marko Rataj, Ski resort Manager: ”There is a meter of snow of Areh and great skiing conditions, so we were able to increase the snowmaking capacities for the Golden Fox. We managed to create a good surface to Trikotna jasa and we count on overnight snowmaking in the lower parts. Even though the weather forecast is showing a thaw on the way, I believe we have enough time and cold to prepare the entire racecourse, all the way to the valley«.

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