Markus Mayr: moving to Kranjska Gora

( 07. 02. 2020 )
Markus Mayr about decision to move the Golden Fox World Cup race from Maribor to Kranjska Gora

Dear Srečko,

Ladies and Gentlemen.


After checking all the aspect’s concerning the development in terms of weather for Maribor in the next days, FIS together with the Organizing Committee of Zlata Lisica Races in Maribor decided to move this year’s Races to Kranjska Gora.


Clarification: The whole package on the mountain is critical to secure world cup leave races 15th and 16th February in Maribor.

All the steak holders agreed not to take the risk to lose a weekend with ladies ski racing in middle of the season due to the present situation. Thanks to all involved parties it is now possible still having the races in Slovenia.


Personally I feel very sad for everybody here in Maribor working hard to get ready. Unfortunately the warm temperatures and strong wind stopped any improvement in snowmaking and slope – preparation. To point out,  probably the best snowmaking system available on the marked installed, couldn´t fight mother nature.


FIS believes in all the skills of  the Organizing Committee and will still keep Maribor as a FIS Alpine World Cup Organizer for the future.


Best regards

Markus Mayr
Race Director World Cup Women

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