Maribor hotels expecting a bubble of white circus

( 21. 12. 2020 )
24 teams and 80 racers registered for 57. Golden Fox – Competitors will be accommodated in five hotels

Almost all ski lifts are operating on Pohorje slopes. Weather is as expected changing and the fog is causing some issues for the skiers, while warm temperatures are causing some worries for the organizers. On the other hand, there is still plenty of time left to cover the lower third of the race course. At the moment the most important thing is all teams are ready and five Maribor hotels are expecting their arrival. 


Entire white circus of 80 competitors in 24 teams and with 170 members of accompanying personnel will be placed in a so called bubble from Friday 15. January till Sunday, 17. January. The bubble includes race tent on Trikotna jasa and following hotel: Hotel Arena, Hotel Draš, Hoptel Bau, Hotel Tabor and Hotel City. Safety comes first and maximum focus is placed on providing all safety measures and precautions.

Manja Koklič Cigit, member of Organizing Committee, in charge of accommodations:

”Hotels will not be having other guests. Teams will be accommodated in separate floors, dining room areas will be modified accordingly to provide safety measures. Hotels will have some available rooms in case any isolation will be needed. Everything will be done according to strict rules and protocols set by NIJZ and FIS.”

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