GSL on Poštela slope?

( 29. 11. 2007 )

If the snow (and snow making) conditions are good, it can happen, that the Golden Fox will get a new Giant Slalom slope! The director of the World Cup for women, the Norwegian Atle Skaardal, has already agreed with that idea. Also the television people checked the terrain below the chair lift Postela – they found out that the TV transmission from there would be possible.

The terrain below the Poštela chairlift is even more dynamic than the traditional Giant slalom with its start at Špelcin log. At Trikotna jasa there is a junction of both slopes, but an advantage of Poštela is also in easier organization of the race, because other recreative skiers could ski uninterruptedly down the Čopova proga (Čop slope) to the valey.

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