First snow guns, then snow groomers

( 23. 12. 2021 )
Chief of Race, Mitja Dragšič: ”We do not have all the snow we need, yet it is ok to be optimistic.”

Those three nights, when the temperatures were low enough for snow guns to work with full power, enabled the organizers to have more peaceful Christmas holidays. Markus Mayr, FIS snow controller and Race Director of World Cup for Women in Technical Events, will visit the venue soon after. 

Mitja Dragšič, Chief of Race: ”We do not have all the snow we need yet. We will have to produce more snow in the lower parts, but we can be optimistic. Even the weather forecast, which predicted warm weather at first, changed for the better. We decided to prepare the snow for warmer days ahead with snow grooming machines. The upper parts, till Trikotna jasa are covered with enough snow, so we might open the slopes for recreational skiing during the holidays. This way the snow can be ground in a better way and processed overnight. We will make further decisions depending on the weather forecast. We count on having the racecourse mostly prepared till snow control on 30. December, so we will only need surface hardening in the final week.” 

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