Extreme cold and snow surface hardening with water

( 12. 01. 2021 )
65-member personnel from Maribor and Kranjska Gora are working on surface hardening on Podkoren slopes

Mitja Dragšič's team is using fire fighting hoses to provide water supply for entire giant slalom racecourse for 57. Golden Fox event in Podkoren. The surface will be as hard as concrete since the weather forecast is promising extreme cold with temperatures around minus 20 at night and minus 15 during the day. 

Mitja Dragšič: ”Everything is going as planned, as we arranged with the snow controller Markus Mayr. Three groups were soaking the snow with water and weather conditions are helpful. This is the real winter. We will stay on the racecourse today, tomorrow we will set safety nets and protection fencing. Great conditions and a demanding giant slalom is waiting for competitors.”

Entire move from Maribor to Kranjska Gora is also going well. Manja Cigit, Head of Accommodation: ”Since all hotels are located one near another in Kranjska Gora, we had to move competitors a bit from the center. Their bubble, including 13 teams with around 250 athletes and accompanying personnel are accommodated at hotels Kompas and Lek. In Hit hotels Ramada we will accommodate the organizers and press, while the FIS team will stay at Skipass. All mentioned hotels were closed, but having enough time for the move enabled these hoteliers to activate their teams and get ready for arrival or athletes and other guests.”

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