Ten hours gained over weekend

( 19. 12. 2016 )
Golden Fox fights time for the racecourse

Even though there is still plenty of time left, the Golden Fox event will most likely have to fight time. FIS snow control is set for December 30. Until then organizers need approximately 38 hrs of full power snowmaking using all 53 snow cannons along entire racecourse at Pohorje's snow stadium.

Mitja Dragšič, chief of race: »Night from Friday to Saturday was the only one with temperatures low enough to enable snow cannons work at least 10 hours. We are making sure every minute is used, we are ready around the clock. Besides creating stocks of snow, snowmaking will continue on all sections when possible.«

Current weather forecast does not promise cold during day time, which leaves us hoping it sets in during nights, most likely in lower parts of the slopes.

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