Slalom cancelled due to a warm night

( 31. 01. 2016 )
Slalom for the 52nd Golden Fox interrupted after 25 racers and consequently cancelled due to broken snow layer on the race course

Only a day earlier it all seemed perfect, but then in mild, cloudy and rainy weather at first hope, however broken after only 25 racers. The jury interrupted the race despite the efforts of the crew on the slope to fix the race course between the gates, where it got broken through, but unfortunately without success. The Alpine Ski World Cup Director, Atle Skaardal announced: ”We cannot do anything anymore. Safety comes first, the race course is too damaged and as such too dangerous for the race to be continued. Slalom is cancelled.”

In the finish arena of the Snow Stadium some 4.000 spectators gathered, among them were many Slovak flags visible, since their racers were among the leading competitors today. Though no Austrians placed themselves to the top… The Slovenians didn’t even start the race. There were more and more holes on the track and the delays were higher and higher. It started to rain slightly.

After cancellation Srečko Vilar, the secretary general of the organizing committee, only absent-mindedly commented: ”From a hero to a fool… We lost this battle. Unfortunately the race was started, but due to cancellation it will be a huge financial loss. We’ll have to deal with it in the following days.”

The night before the race was crucial. If the whole week before the event had been sunny and warm, the course would have held, because the nights were cold enough. But when Maribor was celebrating Ana Drev’s success yesterday, it got cloudy over the Pohorje hill and the temperatures rose for up to 10 degrees. It was clear in the morning that the race would be hard to manage. The jury inspected the course several times and finally half an hour before the race decided to try. In the most critical part the workers on the slope were watering the snow layer, salting and gliding it. But in the end it didn’t work out.See you on 53rd Golden Fox, January 7th & 8th, 2017!

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