Racecourse needs only 48hrs

( 16. 12. 2016 )
Three weeks prior 53. Golden Fox organizers are using every minute of cold weather for snowmaking on Pohorje slopes.

Milan Šmon, Marprom's Head of snowmaking team reported to chief of race Mitja Dragšič: »Snow cannons are densely placed along entire slope length, water supply is sufficient so we need 48hrs of snowmaking to prepare the racecourse«. For now, organizers are catching these 48hrs by bits and taking advantage of every minute when temperatures drop below zero to cover any bit of slope. »Most of snow is in lower part of racecourse because of the inversion. Snowmaking team is putting in a lot of effort and that keeps me optimistic. I know we will be catching hours in the end. However, I am sure things will work out well on 30. December» said Mitja Dragšič. Organizers are currently doubtful about weather forecast. Forecasted cold was supposed to set in already, but organizers are sure that is yet to happen. Perhaps over the weekend. Mitja Dragšič: »Most important, we are ready for the cold and we have more snow cannons available than ever before«.

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