Shiffrin wins slalom and Pohorje Cup

Slovenian team success, Ana Bucik 7th with second run’s best timing, Ilka Štuhec 10th – Praises for the organizers,excellent course and execution of the whole 53rd Golden Fox event - See you on January, 6th and 7th, 2018

Mikaela Shiffrin skis also on plastic! In the second run one of the gate poles fell beneath her skis, but that did not confuse her, as she continued, even lessened her delay and deprived Switzerland of their first slalom win after eleven years. The American won the overall Pohorje Cup as well.


However, 6.000 spectators at the Maribor snow stadium were looking forward to cheer for the Slovenian racers even before the final decisions for the race were made. Both home racers were excellent in the second run, Ana Bucik improved her first run placement from the 15th to the 7th in the second run with the best timing and achieved the result of her career. The Golden Fox Trophy race finally confirmed that Slovenia again has a slalom racer of top format!


Ana Bucik was cheered by Ilka Štuhec, who was 11th after the first run, and then delayed after Ana in the 2nd, but still managed to struggle and get to the 10th place. At every race she performed this season, she surprised! After her victories in downhill, alpine combined and splendid placements in GS, in Maribor she proved that she is also in top shape in technical disciplines.


At the 53rd Golden Fox Trophy the Slovenian Overall World Cup winner Tina Maze bid farewell and Ilka Štuhec announced that Slovenia already has a new candidate for that prestigious title. Perhaps not this season, but possibly in the next one?

This year’s Golden Foxy is Mikaela Shiffrin, second Swiss Holdener and third Italian Moelgg.


The organizers won their organizational battle as well. Praises for the well prepared slope were raining cats and dogs from all over despite slight snowing outside.