After Slalom

Frida Hansdotter:

”The Golden Fox races are very dear to me since the 50th one in Kranjska gora and Maribor is growing on me as well. I’m really satisfied with my skiing today, but I still feel like I have more to give, so I’m looking forward to Flachau which should be a lot of fun.


Mikaela is still skiing very fast, but it’s nice to see that us other girls are starting to slowly gain on her. It definitely raises my motivation and I’ll try to give her a good fight on the next race.” 


Wendy Holdener:

”I’m overall happy with today’s performance but I still have a lot to improve. There are some parts of the track where I’ve lost some time, but I’m still content with coming in second. I don’t want to pressure myself too much as I’m still young and have time to get better.


I definitely want to contest Mikaela for the first place but that is something you can’t do by force, only with hard work. Every girl has some aspects to improve, even Mikaela, but it’s good to know that she isn’t unbeatable anymore. This gives me a lot of motivation.


The slope this year was really good and the crowd was amazing again, as it has always been, so I’m looking forward to returning next year.”


Mikaela Shiffrin:

”It’s always nice to race here in Maribor and this year the weather was really kind and made it possible for the organisers to prepare a great track which held up nicely for both races. I was hoping for a better result on yesterday’s GS, but even so I’m slowly improving my fast skiing techniques and hope that this will positively impact my results in the next races.


I was skiing really aggressively in the second run and almost flew out of the track at some points, but otherwise I wouldn’t make it to the first place so I guess it was the right call to make. I saw some girls breaking them over before me so I knew I could push it a bit harder and it paid out.


I’m planning on racing the upcoming speed events seriously but it’s always a question of time management. Although there are a couple of them coming up, I can’t simply stop my regular training routine and focus exclusively on speed disciplines.


I still feel that I haven’t been skiing as well and as controlled as I can. I’ve got a lot more to show and I hope I’ll be able to perform up to my own standards before the end of this season.”


After Giant Slalom

Tessa Worley: 

”It was a very close race and for the second run I knew I’d have to push as hard as I could. So I skied very close to the edge and it paid off. I was really thrilled about the green light in the finish, but in the end it’s just one more race and one more win - one more step towards the end of the season, which is far from being finished. That’s why I don’t really give myself a break, even when I win, as I wan’t to keep up my motivation until the very end.


I worked hard during my preparations for this season, not only on my physical but also my mental stamina. That’s why I feel much more confident this year and I can push myself even more to achieve good results. I’m really happy to be able to do what I love professionally and I’ll continue to improve my form even further.


Maribor is a great place and this year it is something special due to Tina’s farewell ceremony. I haven’t seen her for some months now so it was great to see her again.”


Sofia Goggia:

”Today’s race was a great experience for me, especially after falling out of the race at the first gates last year. This gave me a really strong motivation to give everything I got this time and “redeem” myself with a good race. That’s why I am really happy about my results even though I missed the first place by only a couple hundreds of a second.


Even though I’m happy about the results of the race, it won’t change any of my plans for the coming weeks. There’s still a lot of work to be done, that’s why I don’t have any great expectations and am trying to take it day by day. Tomorrow is a new day, a new challenge and there’s no stopping until the end of the season. Till then, I’m trying to stay focused and push myself really hard to improve as much as I can.


Tina is really a special athlete and extraordinary skier. She understands not only the slope and the challenges it provides, but also has a great sense of her own condition and limits which made her runs almost perfect in some instances.”


Lara Gut:

”I am always aiming for the first place, so coming in third of course isn’t the best result I could think of. Nevertheless, I was very happy about today’s performance, as there were only a couple mistakes that kept me from taking the lead, which I can work on in the future to be able to contest for the win.


Today was still great and the track was excellent. We came here expecting warmer temperatures and softer snow, but in the end the conditions were great and I really enjoyed my runs. It’s also my first time standing on the winner’s podium here in Maribor, so I’ll definitely keep it in good memory.


We’ll miss Tina a lot. She is a great athlete and a great person and for me she was always something special - building her own team, defying the norm and moving borders. For her it wasn’t only to be the best but to go her own way in sports and in life. There will always be the need for athletes like her that push the norm and make everyone else give that little bit more.”